FAQ - Bit Serial - Everytime Everywhere, Next Generation Crypto Currency

1. What is BitSerial ?

- BiSerial BTE is a digital currency using Ethereum platform under Singapore and Switzerland technological advancement

2. How do I have BitSerial?

- You may purchase BitSerial during the ICO or at any BitSerial digital trading platform.

3. What are the benefits of introducing more BitSerial buyers?

- You will be paid a profit of 10% of your purchase of the ICO LEVEL1 - 3% LEVEL2 - 1% LEVEL3.

4. How do I pay when purchasing BiSerial?

- You have 3 purchasing options by: BTC, ETH, LTC but the fastest is ETH.

5. How do I get my reward?

- You will have 3 fast payment modes : BTC, ETH, LTC or BitSerial currency conversion to get more BitSerial.

6. What is the company's LENDING plan?

- LENDING means after BTE is on the trading floor you will authorize us to borrow a certain amount of BTE converted to USD , then we will use your capital to trade and pay for flowers Daily contract. We will return you upon contract expires in 100 days.

7. How much money can I invest in LENDING?

- You can invest in LENDING with a minimum of 100 dollars and a maximum of 100,000 dollars.

8. Do I have to pay a premium?

- Each withdrawal you will be automatically charged 0.002btc which will be paid to the miners.

9. Do I get bonuses when developing the LENDING system?

- Yes, you will get full bouquets according to our policy.

10. Will I be able to withdraw my entire LENDING development commission?

- No, you can only withdraw a maximum of $ 100,000 per month.