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BitSerial (referred to as the company or us or BitSerial) is responsible for protecting the personal and confidential data of our website visitors: https://bitserial.io (short for website) and User asset management services and investment programs at BitSerial. Any changes and updates to the privacy policy will be reported below. Automatic User Registration means that you have read this policy and accept it unconditionally. All information provided on our website: https://bitserial.io is stored on our website. Secure servers comply with international security standards and are fully encrypted. One of our top priorities secures the safety of the User's personal data.

1. Collect, store and process personal data

1.1. All data that the User transmits through the Website will be handled and stored by us at its sole discretion to ensure security.

1.2. This Privacy Policy is effective from the date of the User's registration and its agreement with the Cooperation Agreement, through the registration process.

1.3. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without notice to the User. Changes take effect from the date of posting on the Website. If the User continues to use the services, you have read the current content of the Privacy Policy and accept the change.

1.4. When registering an account on the website, the User is obliged to prove that he has read and agree to the terms of cooperation. With the registration of the account, the User confirms the decision to provide personal data. And agree to collect, process, store and use as part Of this Privacy Policy.

1.5. The user is solely responsible for the accuracy of the personal data provided.

1.6. We have full access to your account if we find a flip-flop, or loss or misstatement of the company's statistics, the purpose of the retrieval is to fix the problem.

1.7. Personal user data can be used for marketing activities: e-mailing news from the Service, providing new services.

1.8. Personal data may be used to notify Users of the performance of individual accounts: account status, reporting on performance of entry and withdrawal requirements, withdrawal of interest as well as performance and affiliation of the company.

1.9. The Service will ensure the confidentiality of the User's personal data when collected, processed and stored.

1.10 Users may not deny the transfer of personal information and use personal information for company purposes.

2. Agreement to collect, store and use personal information

2.1. When registering an account on the website, the Service requires the User to provide personal information that will be used for accessing the account and the service. User Email, as well as contact information and payment, may be required for initial access to a personal account and service.

2.2. During the registration process, the user will be given a personal password which will be the account for you to trade with the company.

2.3. By providing personal information to us, the User voluntarily agrees to use and process it.

2.4. The Service may notify Users of new services and latest updates. Users may reject these messages by Service Announcement.

3. Age of use

3.1. Registering your account and using the Service for a healthy citizen with full citizenship in accordance with the laws of the countries of the world.

4. Change Personal Information

4.1. Users have access to edit personal information in their account through our website interface.

5. User Account Security

5.1. You will only be able to access your User account if you have a User ID ("Login"), unique password and secret ("Password") and additional data. The user must select his or her "Username" and "Password".

5.2. You may not publish your user information to outside communities or disclose to third parties without the Company's written consent.

5.3. The user is responsible for any unauthorized use of "Personal Data", as this will be treated as an offense to you. We will not be liable if that is not you. There is no evidence you own the account

6. Personal data

6.1. Personal data of the User, during the process of interaction with us, will be stored securely in the Company's electronic system. Personal data may include, but are not limited to, names, birth dates, email addresses, addresses, bank details, financial status information, transactional activity, past transactions, Account balances as well as forms of data collection of customer information ("knowing who your customers are").

6.2. We use your personal information if you need advertising, verification, and so on.

6.3. The user agrees that personal data provided during registration (telephone, e-mail, country, etc.) will be processed by the company's system.

6.4.We reserve the right to notify users about the contacts mentioned (e-mail, sms, etc.).

6.5. BitSerial has the right to post comments on the website for contact details - username, country, first name, last name, after receiving your comment about the company.

6.6 The Company has no right to disclose any information except to the extent necessary to perform customer account management activities and only to comply with generally accepted confidentiality obligations. Access to such information is only provided by the official needs of the parties, such as the staff of the Company is your consent.In any case, to protect information as well. Control measures will be implemented to a reasonable degree, to ensure the confidentiality and confidentiality of documents and customer information. Protects against any potential threat or risk to the safety or integrity of the material or customer information.

7. In case of sudden attack on the website

7.1. We will arbitrarily close the website temporarily to troubleshoot this emergency without previous report to you except to change the route or site maintenance, you will be notified in advance.

7.2 in case the website goes public, industry money digital (Crypto Currency) collapsed, but did not fix the problem, the financial statements of us will be based on it to pay damages for customers, depending on the extent of damage, we do not undertake to reimburse the entire amount invested, so please invest moderately with the level of safety if the worst case happens that you are willing to be Lost.

8. Personal security

8.1. The Service is making every effort to prevent unauthorized access to the User's personal account and disclosing their personal information. However, data transmission over the Internet and Web services does not provide absolute protection and requires special attention from the user.

8.2. The user is obligated to keep his password secret and not transfer it to a third party.

8.3. If the user loses the password (access) to his / her personal account, he / she may request to be restored by the automated service on the site using a personal email address. The password will be contained in a letter that will be sent from the company email to this address.

8.4. After receiving a temporary password, the user should create a new password.

8.5. User controls the flow of personal information when using the Website.

8.6. We have the right, in our sole discretion, to terminate User's access in breach of this User Agreement for the entire service, and in particular to terminate or suspend Access to the Personal Account Area. Users who do not have access to the service have been terminated or their information has been terminated invalid, and you will not have permission to recreate a new account (including using a previously used email address). dirty.

8.7. In the course of using our services including Registration, Account Transfer (including transfer across foreign borders, you are fully protected the object of your personal data) . All third parties who partner with us will not disclose your information, and we will protect you by making a statement to a third party.

8.8. Users may contact our representatives if they have a question regarding this Privacy Policy by writing a request to [email protected] or by subscribing to a scheduled call.